Museum Night Fever: Edition 2020 cancelled on Saturday 03.10

The 2020 edition of Museum Night Fever, originally scheduled for Saturday, March 14 and later postponed to October 3, 2020, will finally not take place.

The association Brussels Museums takes this difficult decision because of various factors linked to social distancing that make the organisation of such a mass event involving many artistic and museum partners more complex not only logistically but also financially.

Read our full statement here:

Dear All,

The 2020 edition of Museum Night Fever, originally scheduled for Saturday, March 14 and later postponed to October 3, 2020, will finally not take place.

As you can imagine, it was not an easy decision to make.

A few weeks ago, the museums were able to reopen their doors and welcome you back with happiness and a certain sense of relief. They welcome you again, it is true, rather timidly, applying the rules of social distancing necessary for the protection of all. These measures, which we believe to be fundamental, still reduce the capacity of museums and complicate the organisation of mass events such as Museum Night Fever. Under normal circumstances, the night would proceed in its usual joyful frenzy, stirring up about 17,000 people. With the Covid-19 pandemic, all this has become impossible. Because we see no way to reconcile MNF's characteristic atmosphere and spontaneity with the safety of our visitors and employees, we have decided to cancel this edition. All possible scenarios have been examined in detail, but limiting the number of visitors, obligatory reservation of all activities, maintaining distances: all of this doesn’t add up to the spirit of the event and threatens its financial feasibility.

As a non-profit association that operates largely autonomously, we simply can no longer afford to hold an edition of Museum Night Fever that does not meet its usual audience. This simple question forces us to disappoint not only our visitors but also our young artistic partners and our museums. Not only do they share our passion, but they are also facing difficult situations as well.

Museum Night Fever will not take place but we are currently working on a proposal for the autumn that is better adapted to the current situation and to everyone's safety. Something positive to look forward to!

We hope that you will understand our decision and keep on supporting our association whose activity has been growing and reinventing itself for 25 years now. We are eager to continue our commitment to an inclusive museum that is open to everyone.

Support and tickets

Did you already have a bracelet or a ticket for the March 14th or October 3rd edition of Museum Night Fever?

You can donate your ticket value to support our association. We need your support. Please consider this gesture if you have the possibility.

Your ticket remains valid! Ask for a voucher valid at our next museum event this fall or at a future edition of Museum Night Fever in 2021.

If you still want a refund, you can request it here.

Thank you for your solidarity and trust. Take care of yourself.