The newbie guide to Museum Night Fever

Going to Museum Night Fever for the first time and willing to get the all-star treatment?

Sit back, relax and follow this trail in 6 museums that have been serving us the best since the very first MNF editions!


How about starting with a bang? Not only is the WIELS an absolute reference in the contemporary art field but it also looks fabulous by night. No wonder it is where the IAD-bachelors have decided to work their magic grabbing hold of the 2 current temporary exhibitions. Tonight, they imagine a performance that promises to fully immerse you in the worlds of artists Ellen Gallagher and Benoît Platéus.

BELvue Museum

For the rest of the night, let’s head out to the centre with the purple shuttle and follow up with the BELvue Museum where you will get to understand that Belgium is a bit more than Moules-frites. Animation-wise, meet the best of the young Belgian hip-hop, afro and soul scene with VK Concerts, check out a theatre of manipulated objects by Susanoo Coollectif, get those hips moving with a demo by Freestyle Lab, play an interactive memory game by Francesca Chiacchio and be surprised by the multiBEL youngsters.


Feeling oh so underground? Go to the archaeological site of Coudenberg. This one will be busy getting a makeover as its courtyard is taken over by the street artists from the Farmprod collective. Rediscover Bruegel’s engravings as never before.


Your date at BOZAR is waiting and it’s probably going to blow your mind - with no less than 4 exhibitions to visit, a trio of musicians and a breath-taking performance by choreographer Seppe Baeyens and Ultima Vez. Under their direction, one hundred young people from Atelier Quartier, the Zonnelied centre and various Brussels schools are taking over the Horta Hall for 5 whole hours!

Maison du Roi

At Maison du Roi, the exhibition The Grand-Place to be invites St Michel to meet the real Manneken Pis. Le Rapt Invisible is also honouring the mythical Brussels square with an astonishing performance combining Gregorian chants and electro music.

Museum of the National Bank

Dream away the rest of your night with our last stop at the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium. Inside this stunning 19th-century building, contemplate Le Foyer, the interactive installation created by Yohan Meola with dozens of incandescent lights and enjoy the sound of Wonderl’Hang and The Borderless Project, two music projects by Gérard Spencer using a soothing handpan.

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.
Info & €12 tickets now available.