The glam guide to Museum Night Fever

Underwhelmed is not a mood you subscribe to. Good, neither do we.

During Museum Night Fever the museums are living their best, sassiest lives and we’re here for it. Some glamourous picks:


Houdini who? Move over wannabe magicians, because Felipe Pantone, Hell’O, Escif, Elzo Durt and Gogolplex are at MIMA testing the limits of your senses and the power of your imagination. Optical illusion, special effects, visual and musical incantation, you won’t be able to tell (augmented) reality from fantasy by the time you leave this psychedelic mecca of street and contemporary art. Oo-oo-oo-oo-aha, illusion!

ARGOS – Centre for Art and Media

Look at you, you’re the captain now! You deserve a portrait and you know it. ARGOS’ current exhibition explores the evolution of portrait photography and especially the relation between still and moving images. From selfie to self-portrait, from audioguides to silent disco, let the youngsters of Brusselse Jeugdhuizen guide you through their project FotoFabriekFysiek.

GardeRobe MannekenPis

Will the real Manneken Pis please stand up? Our city’s only tolerated peeing boy (keep our streets clean, darlings) keeps his clothes stored the way any true fashionista would: by displaying them on hundreds of replicas of himself. No fashion prince says no to some extra accessories, gladly provided by drawer Ariane from ARI Graphic Art. Grab a pen and help her bedazzle those display cabinets!

Magritte Museum

The OG of dreamy blue skies and nonsensical objects invests the regal entrance hall of our dearly beloved Museums of Fine Arts. Take a virtual step into Magritte’s low-key dramatic sceneries and manipulate them simply by… moving your body. We guess this is how God must feel all of the time. On your way up to the René’s palace, make sure to say hi to Salvador for us!


A star on stage, a diva behind the scenes. Watch closely how a team of performers recreate the animated short film L’incident diplomatique nous pend au nez by setting in motion the original models and decors. Once again, a very divine activity! The Gods must have traded in Mount Olympus for Mont des Arts. Don’t forget to dive into Cinematek’s rich archives to see which famous actor or actress you were in another lifetime.


Nothing spells drama like a new alphabet with its own refined typography. In a world in crisis, why not reinvent ourselves and start at the basis: our words and their letters. Chloé Schuiten helps you establish new links between the way we write letters and what reality they refer to. You game? Turn your new gospel into a stylish booklet, thanks to Bibliotheca Wittockiana’s pop-up bookbinding workshop of experience.brussels.

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.
Info & €12 tickets now available.