The adrenaline junkie guide to Museum Night Fever

Waiting, sitting, doing nothing? Nope, not for you, sweetie.

In life, you want it all and you want it now: adrenaline and action are at the chore of your being and if things don’t go fast enough, you simply lose interest. Well, we’ve got an energy-packed selection of museums that should fulfil your need for intensity.

Autoworld Brussels

Starting at Autoworld, you certainly won’t take the passenger seat. Take a serious ride down memory lane and discover hundreds of hot vehicles throughout history with a little help of Ca sent le roussi company who’ll take care of the show on their two wheels.

Museum of Natural Sciences

At the Museum of Natural Sciences, a full-on catharsis awaits you with a ferocious game night including cheerleaders, breakdance, big dinos (naturally) and music. Let’s get loud!

Fashion & Lace Museum

Head out to the centre with the green shuttle and practice that runway strut at the Fashion & Lace Museum where the back is being given pride of place! Explore this theme with the Brussels textile collective MACOCOï and work your own magic by creating a unique item.

MoMuse - Museum of Molenbeek

Talking about an intense journey, you should definitely find out more about the history of Molenbeek at the brand new MoMuse. But don’t expect any snooze fest as the kiddos from the crossover dance academy Independance School shows you how to bop!

Kanal - Centre Pompidou

With our final pick, we give you one last run for your money. At Kanal – Centre Pompidou, roam through 35,000 m2 of contemporary art, participate to a life-size table football, take a dance class, test a digital installation, check out a live painting or get blown away by all kind of artsy stuff with an all-round performance of dance, music and fashion by students of Kunsthumaniora Brussel. All of this before the place gets shut down for years of renovation in June, talk about a rush! Enjoyyy.

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.Info & €12 tickets now available.