Museum Night Fever - Unusual Trail

You’re not really the type of persons who go by the rules and like classic conventions? We’ve got you covered with a trail that might end up being weirder than you’d expect. 

Start your evening at the Army Museum for a full-on heavy metal experience featuring solid guitar riffs, musical-flying trapeze, a growling contest, metal improv by the Kunsthumaniora Brussel, percussions and of course, the best of the collection’s heavy weights. 

Let’s head out to the centre with the green shuttle and go feel the pulse at the Crossbow Museum, a 637 years old Brussels guild dedicated to the art of shooting stuff at reasonable distance. There, three musicians will revive the atmosphere of the Renaissance while you’ll be having a drink and take part to a shooting demonstration (not both at the same time though). 

Next, we’re taking you to a small yet exuberant museum where Manneken Pis stores 140 of his famous outfits: GardeRobe MannekenPis. There, the improvisational theatre Tadam gets you acquainted with a couple of real Brusseleirs recollecting stories of Brussels and its favourite ket.  

For one last stop before the afterparty, we advice to either go transform into one of the mysterious creatures of the Fantastic Art Museum in St-Gilles or stay in the centre and explore unusual film-making at Art et Marges Museum. Light Camera ACTION.