The eclectic guide to Museum Night Fever

You’re the opposite of a cat when it comes to boxes: you prefer being out of them.

Dance poles, punk rock, robots, sputniks, radio wires, talking cars and lightsabers: why wouldn’t those belong in a museum? Our thoughts exactly. Your quirky persona is in for a treat this Museum Night Fever:

Jewish Museum of Belgium

Her Majesty RuPaul once said: “we’re all born naked and the rest is drag”. The Jewish Museum of Belgium breathes open-mindedness, so no wonder that they will turn their spaces in a burlesque boudoir with the help of the ridiculously talented Cabaret Mademoiselle. Drag, pole dancing, make-up, music: nothing is too extra for the most extra museum night of the year.

Crossbow Museum

Keep that love flowing and train your Cupid skills at the Crossbow Museum. Your jaw will drop during the impressive shooting demonstrations, while the energetic ska fusion band Purpleized will have your feet shuffle non-stop.

Halles Saint-Géry

Shuffle down to Halles Saint-Géry, where the H++ collective questions transhumanism. Whether you believe or not that it’s only a matter of time before the robots take over, going down the Black Mirror path sparks the most interesting existential crises conversations.


It might even make you so spacey that a trip to the Planetarium is the only way forward. Because who better to teach you how to combat “alien life” than the students of the Belgian lightsaber school? Yes, you read that right, young padawan. While you’re there, paint the milky way, meet the Belgian poetry slam champion and enjoy Anaïs Caillat’s performance.

art et marges museum

More space exploration can be found close to Porte de Hal. At art et marges museum, the planets of two art brut experts collide: those of André Robillard and Serge Delaunay. Throw in live composed music by Baudouin de Jaer and some acro-yoga and voilà, night = made.

Boghossian Foundation

But wait, there’s more! Get on the blue or purple shuttle and make sure to stop at both Boghossian Foundation and D’Ieteren Gallery. The Boghossian Foundation welcomes Tour des Blocs, an inclusive project started in the Model City of Laeken. What was once a local festival bringing together all Laeken neighbours through workshops and performances, is now touring the city of Brussels and is stopping in the art deco gem that is Villa Empain.

D'Ieteren Gallery

Museum Night Fever is also a rare chance to visit the D’Ieteren Gallery, which is usually never open to the public. For the occasion, their cars will be spilling some tea on what happened between those four wheels, as told by Cie Junior. We’re on the edge of our (car) seat!

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.
Info & €12 tickets now available.