7 new museums you cannot miss at Museum Night Fever

Granted, not all of the museums listed here are technically “new”. But they are all participating in Museum Night Fever for the first time ever.

So let’s give a warm welcome to the following seven members of the family:

Magritte Museum, your surrealist sister

She might be up in the clouds quite often, but who can blame her. Magritte Museum = surrealist heaven, and not only because of our favourite Belgian painter. After climbing those museum stairs, take a breath and enjoy the view on Mont Des Arts and Dali’s “Temptation of Saint-Anthony”. Be surprised by the Butoh dance performances and poetic intermezzos. The regal forum turns René’s surrealist world into a virtual one and makes you the co-creator of his masterpieces.

KANAL – Centre Pompidou, your artsy auntie

She loves herself a grand entrance and lives for that Parisian industrial chique look. KANAL – Centre Pompidou has it all: 35.000 m² of brutalist art space, live painting, dance classes and performances, fashion and music. Even human-sized table football is an option, once that museum night euphoria kicks in. Make sure you strut around this concrete art jungle before it closes for renovations in July!

Planetarium, your geeky nephew

Want to impress your geek relative beyond some misquoted Star Wars lines? Take them to Planetarium, where the Belgian lightsabre Academy (yes, that’s a real thing!) teaches you how to combat the dark side of the Force. Feeling that cosmic vibe? So are Belgian poetry slam champion Lisette Ma Neza and dancer-singer Anaïs Caillet. Spacey!

Halles Saint-Géry, your Black Mirror brother

How long till the robots take over? What does it even mean to be human? What is life, really? If you feel like you spend your time snapping your sibling and yourself out of existential crises, to Halles Saint-Géry you go! The H++ collective questions how Artificial Intelligence and humans interact and can co-exist. The future is bright? At least the accompanying dj-sets will be!

MoMuse, your wise cousin

They’ve travelled the planet and have immersed themselves in all cultures, but always come back to their roots in Brussels. A Molenbeek metaphor, worthy of its own, brand new museum! Everything you’d ever want to know about Brussels’ most intriguing municipality, set to the spins and pas de bourrées of Independence School, Molem City 1080’s coolest cross-over dance academy.

CIVA, your trendsetting niece

She says no to trashy magazines, knows what’s up before it goes viral and is the living example that knowledge is power. CIVA, dedicated to Brussels and its urban architecture, intertwines all artistic disciplines: their “Designed Landscapes” exhibition with extra soundscapes by Fien & Kevin, avant-garde dance performances by Art-T and Saint-Luc students and music curated by The Word. Dive into the basement for an exclusive visit of the city’s most treasured archives.

ADAM Brussels Design Museum, your party uncle

He has always known how to get down, whether it be at current family gatherings or in nightclubs when he still had his full set of hair. Let him take you on a trip down memory lane and swirl through the aesthetic evolutions of the discotheque! Où est la discothèque? Synthpop-electro duo P.A.N.T.H.E.R. will show you the way while you also rediscover the pure magic that are plastics in the museum’s unique collection.

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.
Info & €12 tickets now available.