Susanoo Coollectif

BELvue Museum

  • Performance

Susanoo Coollectif narrates legends and stories of the world in an absurd and offbeat way. A theatre collective of animated objects, it diverts "tricks and gizmos" from everyday life in a funny, moving and poetic way.   

Feast for the eyes... It highlights objects. It allows them to become actual characters (which is a lot of fun for them) and it reinterprets the way we humans look at them.

Feast for the ears... It tells tales of the world, tales of different cultures, distant, forgotten tales, which speak of the creation of the world - of our world. It tells them in a humorous way, keeping dusty narratives at bay.

During Museum Night Fever, Susanoo Coollectif will revisit important stories and milestones of Belgium’s history, from the 1830 revolution to the legend of Manneken Pis, as well as our neighbourly conflicts...