Planet 16, Space Kid & Mr Strøbø

Choco-Story Brussels

  • Music

Planet 16 is a duo of electronic composers and DJs who specialize in composing and mixing Deep House, Progressive House and Future House songs. For Museum Night Fever, they won’t bring a traditional DJ set, but rather a performance that stands on its own, mixing in personal musical productions.
Mr Strøbø will offer a set in his favourite styles: Progressive & Melodic House but also Deep House and Electro.
Space Kid likes to combine musical genres during his sets, from Big Room, to Bass House, to Pop, to more nervous genres like Trap or Hardstyle. Technique and consistency are the key words of his mixes, sticking to an Electro-House vibe. He recently performed at the Versuz.

Planet 16, Mr Strøbø and Space Kid are part of the Belgian DJ collective Electrosphere, which they founded together. 

7.45pm > 8:30pm &  8.30pm > 10pm Planet 16
10pm > 1am Mr Strøbø & Space Kid