MoMuse - Musée communal de Molenbeek

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An unseen cultural platform in Belgium, the Micro Folies of Molenbeek offers a new view of the world, a light, enriching look. A digital museum, which bridges the gap between the Academy of Visual Arts, the MoMuse and the House of Cultures, a new place for exchanges, invites you to discover the cultures of Antiquity up to now by means of the most up-to-date technologies.

Starting from a unique cultural offer that has gathered hundreds of masterpieces, the virtual art gallery takes the viewer on a journey between very high resolution images, interactive games and explanations for a wide audience. Also nourished by an international network of microfilms in the future or already in operation (Lille, Sevran, Les Mureaux/France; Rangoun/Burma, Izmir/Turkey), the museum is part of a cultural platform in expansion that will contribute to the image of Molenbeek. 

© Anais Gadeau