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Hailing from Brussels, Ekany's road to music wasn't much of a straight one. In fact he only fully got into music at the age of 17, after moving from country to country and continent to continent his entire life. And now this melting pot of diversity can be found and heard in his music. A firm lover and representer of his African roots. Ekany was first introduced to African music by his father. Now he never ceases showcasing those sweet rhythms he grew up on while still bringing an uncanny energy and smoothness to the lot.

Another one of Ekany's big influences was rap and hip hop music. Growing up, understanding what was being said in an American song was a challenge. He therefore always enjoyed the instrumental aspect of a song more. From old to the new, the hip hop boat never sails too far away from shore.

His remix of Childish Gambino's song "This is America" won second place in the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards in the Best Remix category.

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