5 fierce things you can only experience at Museum Night Fever

Do you spend every free minute wandering around the latest exhibitions? Or not really sure if this is your thing at all? Either way, we always had something else in mind than a usual museum visit for Museum Night Fever.

What we want is magic. A clever mix between the intimate and the grandiose. Stimulating encounters, too. In short, an original and total experience in Brussels, for one night only.

So here are 5 things you can only experience at Museum Night Fever.

At the museum but not out of touch

It’s in the euphoria of the night and among the multitude of faces you run into that museums truly make sense. The often-austere nature of the premises and the solitude of a usual visit are lost in the fiery performances. Artists from all cultural and social backgrounds hold honest and necessary dialogues with the museum collections. Museum Night Fever is more than ever within everyone's reach and this is the kind of unique feeling we're looking for!

In another dimension

Already danced to the point of transcending and forgetting everything? MNF also commits to this feeling with infinite flavours of escapism: thousands of space-time continuums to follow and combine during a whole evening. To put it simply, be yourself or whomever you want, here or elsewhere, from a 16th century Bruegel fan to a contemporary spaceship designer!

1000 young people on that adrenaline rush

Unlike other European examples, the Brussels museum night aims to shake up conventions and entrust 1000 young talents, artists and collectives alike, with the programme of the 30 museums. Concerts, dance performances, drag, lightsabre combats, life-size table football, cheerleading, short film creation, electro Gregorian chants (say what?), immersive virtual experiences: the frenzy of young Belgian creation is more than ever in the spotlight to translate museum collections.

Brussels, the city that never sleeps

New York is great, but Brussels knows how to vibrate intensely to the rhythm of flickering lights. All over the city, thousands of people roam the streets from museum to museum like giant fireflies in perpetual motion. To be honest, this culture-loving frenzy is the best form of self-care! So you go relax, forget about winter and shine bright like a diamond. The splendours of Brussels - and beyond for those who join our afterparty- await.

Comfort zone ? Thank you, next.

MNF, a brilliant opportunity to get out of your comfort zone! With 30 super heterogeneous (or even bizarre) museums, a more than multidisciplinary (or even bizarre) programme and a serious dose of unexpected encounters, there is plenty to test your limits. We are often asked what one should see during the evening. Our almost systematic - and, let's be honest, not very risky - answer is as follows: go see something you don't know yet or wouldn’t go to usually! The rest, ladies, gentlemen and non-binaries, is history.

Museum Night Fever takes place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 7pm to 1am in 30 museums.
Info & €12 tickets now available.