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Need on-the-spot advice during the evening?
You do not know which museums to visit?
Neither which shuttle to take?
We welcome you at the INFO POINT on the Place Royale from 14h00 to 00h00!


In which museums can I use my MNF pass until 31st March 2018?

Until 31st March 2018, you can exchange your MNF pass against a free ticket into the participating museums. So do keep your bracelet!

How much is an MNF pass?

Simple passes (access to all 27 museums + buses) cost € 11 in presale and € 15 on the day itself.

Combi passes (access to all 27 museums + buses + afterparty) cost € 19 in presale and € 23 on the day itself.

When purchasing on-line on our website, a € 1 service fee applies. You can check where to purchase your tickets on our website ‘ticket’ page.

Can I still purchase a pass on the very day?

You can still acquire a pass on the very day in almost all participating museums until 24:00, except when sold out.

Are there any discounts?

Yes. Economically fragile people can get a pass for a symbolic price thanks to Article 27 and Paspartoe. For Paspartoe holders, a limited number of MNF passes will be given against 15 points on their card. In the BELvue Museum, BOZAR and the WIELS, you can also use Paspartoe cultuurbon to buy an MNF pass. More details on the ‘ticket’ page.

Last but not least, children aged up to 12 and accompanied by an adult get free entry.

What does an MNF pass entitle you to?

Your MNF pass grants you access to all 27 participating museums, to all the activities taking place there, to special MNF buses MNF running from 19:00 to 2:00 between participating museums) and to STIB Noctis buses (between 0:00 and 3:00). Combi pass holders also have access to the afterparty.

Must I have a pass if I only want to visit one single museum?

Yes. We consider that MNF is a great opportunity to visit several museums that evening… There are so many things to do that it would be a pity to limit yourself to only one museum… Besides, profits generated by ticket sales are necessary to organise such a large event. You have to admit that € 11 to visit 27 museums for a whole evening is a great bargain!

Can I use the standard STIB network (buses, trams and tubes)

No. Your MNF pass only gives you access to MNF special buses and Noctis (between 0:00 and 3:00). You will recognise special buses thanks to the MNF logo on the front of buses. Your MNF pass does not give you access to standard STIB bus, tram and tube routes.

Do wheelchairs have access to MNF?

Museums showing a wheelchair pictograph on the ‘museums’ page (when clicking on the museum names) are accessible. Caution: due to the large number of visitors during MNF, we advise people in wheelchairs to be accompanied.

How to come to Brussels,
and leave?

By train:

Bruxelles Central Station is only a 5-minute walk from Mont des Arts and Grand-Place. Last train leaving Bruxelles-Central for Louvain (0:35), Ghent (0:22), Antwerp (23:46), Namur (23:37), Liège (0:35), Charleroi (22:59) and Mons (22:47).

By car:

you can find a map listing car parks and transit car parks on There are parking spaces on the Cinquantenaire esplanade too.

By bus/tram/tube:

check Caution: your MNF pass only entitles you to special MNF buses and Noctis buses (0:00-3:00). You will need to buy standard tickets for all your journeys on the standard network.


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